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Parental Alienation -Assisting professionals to assist you -

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Notice board:

Old News:

The past lesson information is removed from the page. We are now entering the revision and preparation stage.

A library with all the old applicable documents will be created in the next few weeks. The documents you need for preparation will be listed in the revision lessons.

Professionals need to take note that the certification team is still not finalized. I am working on it.

More old news: Important news:

Through the grapevine I took notice that it might be enacted that all the professionals involved in parental alienation litigation will need to prove certification to the courts in the near future. I am referring to report writers, therapists, legal professionals and more.

New News:

After infomal discussions with old members of Abstergo Puto Scio, it was suggested to revive it as a support group. More news to follow.

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Past lessons

The past lessons are not applicable any more. What is important is the preparation for certification.

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