Still serving (Where he can)

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This page is originally created to accommodate courses presented by Oupa for Alienated Person Support (APS), trading as the Parental Alienation Awareness Association (PAAA) and Alienated Children First.

As of mid-December, Oupa is not serving with APS any more as he withdrew his services.

Unfortunately, some professionals associated with APS did not indicate if they will still assist in the presentation of the present and future courses. Oupa is negotiating with other professional institutions, to find a solution.

The main problem is the certification by the PAAA that may not go ahead. Fortunately, other tertiary institutions indicated that they will consider acting as a certifying authority.

Courses continuing:

All future planned courses except Assisting professionals to assist you are suspended (as can be seen above)

About cost:

Oupa is still serving for free. Unfortunately the final certification, for those needing it, might incur a cost paid to the certifying authority or institution.

NOW, GET TO WORK... or (see video hereunder)... Scroll down only if you are not sensitive to school discipline of the 1970s and earlier

Warning --- violence of the old days... go more down to see .... then press the play button.

(Oupa is one of the lads that did not do his homework)