Rebuilding the Library

The libraries at the old APS and PAAA web pages were lost due to technical problems. Some of the material was again uploaded in but the database was discontinued by ACF. This library will only contain material where Oupa has the copyright or permission to publish it.

The APS and ACF banners will be replaced in due course.

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Last updated 26 November 2021

About this library:

The original library housed around 3000 documents in August 2020. Most of it is now dumped as better peer-reviewed papers are available on the PASG or other web pages.

The banner on most of the documents will change in the next few weeks.

Hot topics of November 2021

Library recovered thus far (much more to follow)

“17 Strategies”

Books and documents purchased for use

Other training and examples

Questions asked with legal argument answers

Foreign Enactments